Rhamnolipid Industry 2015

Rhamnolipid Industry 2014 – Rhamnolipid, India.
Surfactants or surface active agents are broadly defined as organic compounds that can enhance cleaning efficiency, emulsifying, wetting, dispersing, solvency, foaming/defoaming and lubricity of water-based compositions.

The annual surfactant demand in the United States is estimated to be over 10 billion pounds. The largest end use market for surfactants is household cleaning detergents.  These are comprised of large volume, lower priced laundry and dishwashing detergent commodity products that account for roughly one-half of the U.S. surfactant market.  “Specialty surfactants” are higher-priced, low-volume products used in a broad range of industrial and personal care market applications with annual demand estimated at about 26% of the total US surfactant market.
The U.S. surfactant market is extremely diverse and includes many primary product manufacturing industries and segments.

Biosurfactants are natural products created by natural processes with little or no environmental impact. They eliminate the undesirable materials. Biosurfactants often are higher foaming and work better at extreme temperatures than synthetic surfactants.

The technology platform for our businesses is a unique, naturally occurring compound called Rhamnolipids. This compound is; naturally produced, bio-degradable, and safe. Its natural soap- like qualities, or surfactant properties, makes Rhamnolipids an ideal oil cleaning material. Surface Active Agents or Surfactants are the foaming and cleaning agents in soaps, shampoos and industrial cleaners.


Operating Rhamnolipid Production

Rhamnolipid are produced by fermentation process similar to those used to produce beer or other fermented products. Bacteria is added to a fermentation tank and provided a nutrient source, generally a food grade olive, or soy oil, and under properly controlled conditions the result will be Rhamnolipids.

Our technology affords us to use agriculture waste to eliminate the need for expensive nutrient sources. Rhamnolipids are extracted within a short cycle, processed to remove any residual bacteria, purified, and the resultant mixture diluted into a final product. The amount and mixture of Rhamnolipid material in the final solution can be precisely controlled. The Rhamnolipid mixture can be further refined to produce certain foaming characteristics, mixed according to customer specifications, including production as a solution or as a powder.

Rhamnolipid India offers products manufactured and formulated to meet specific customer needs. For oil cleaning purposes a 10% Rhamnolipid solution would be ideal. This product is 10% pure Rhamnolipid, and 90% purified water, and would be an effective surfactant or cleaning agent at dilution rates of 1,000 to 1, and as a dispersant at 4,000 times to 1. This material would also be safe for humans, animals, and microbial flora. It can be used alone, or with other chemicals, or microbial products. We produce our product without any third party input. We are an independent Rhamnolipid production facility owned and operated by a private company.

Through extensive research, evaluation, and testing, we have developed the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing processes for providing rhamnolipids on a commercial scale. Through our extensive research and knowledge, we can assist companies in deploying rhamnolipid based products in such varied fields as agriculture, bio-remediation, cosmetics, enhanced oil recovery, food processing, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Our technology is based on 15 years of dedicated research. We have the unique capacity to formulate and deliver customized rhamnolipid based formulations. Our extensive library of bacterial strains and manufacturing experience is essential in providing our customers with the unique products that are most appropriate for their application.

We work with all our customers to assure that the formulations meet their needs in terms of purity, concentration, mono-/di- ratios, stabilization, and packaging. We focus on manufacturing commercial quantities of rhamnolipids, samples are available for high costs due too special handling and shipping.